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The World’s First Appliance Grade Hot Tub™


Want a hot tub that has the same standards as any other appliance in your home? Then a new MAAX Spas hot tub is for you.

With  Thermo-Lock™ design, MAAX Spas makes servicing a hot tub easy, and allows  you access to both the structure as well as all mechanical parts. Your hot tub can be at  factory specifications easily, and right in your backyard. At MAAX Spas this makes these tubs “appliance grade”.  Serviceability of your hot tub is as important as it is with any other home appliance or household gadget.

MAAX® started in 1969 with the development of fiberglass and new alloys and eventually grew into  one of the  leading manufacturers of whirlpool systems in the industry. MAAX® soon came to mean long lasting quality and innovation, and as they expanded they acquired Coleman Spas, Savannah, and Manhattan, makers of the Infinity and Lifestyle line. Today MAAX® Spas has a reputation of superior design and innovation. From the steel frame to the Thermo-lock® insulation, your new MAAX® Spas hot tub will provide you the ultimate luxury home spa experience.


The steel frame is your hot tub’s backbone

  •  40% lighter and 250% stronger than traditional wood frames
  •  Weatherproof
  •  Corrosion Free


Lifetime -

Steel Frame Warranty

Insulation Warranty



Exclusive to MAAX Spas, the Thermo-Lock™ insulation system now features the eco-friendly ‘BlueMAAX’ insulation.

Made from recycled natural fiber, BlueMAAX is approved by the U.S. Green Building Council. Without any chemical irritants, BlueMAAX treated with a special borate-based solution that not only prevents bugs and insects, as well as mold and mildew, BlueMAAX is also fire-retardant. Unlike urethane foam filled tubs, BlueMAAX®is the 21st century replacement. Why is BlueMAAX better?  Well, when conventional spas are made, almost 50 lbs of harmful volatile organic components are made, which are bad for the environment.  With BlueMAAX technology, however, now a hot tub’s insulation is more eco-friendly.

The new energy system also allows for easy service access, and can be taken out and put back together to factory specifications right in your home.

The same insulation  that makes a MAAX Spas hot tub energy efficient also makes it one of the quietest ones around. Sound energy is trapped and deadened inside the spa by the thermal barriers.  Quiet operation is essential to ensure a peaceful and relaxing experience throughout the entire backyard environment.


Thermo-Lock™  is the ultimate in sound and heat energy management for your hot tub.

The unique thermal barrier technology recycles radiant heat energy for faster, more efficient heating and energy cost reductions. Radiant heat reflective insulation is applied to the sealed ABS base, which prohibits heat loss through the floor. All four sides, plus the floor are lined with reflective material, combined with  BlueMAAX® to create an infrared thermal barrier. Radiant heat energy from the pumps and equipment reflects back to the spa and is absorbed into the plumbing.

This helps raise and maintain water temperature, improving heat efficiency.  Energy created by the spa stays in the spa.

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