At Sunsest Spas, we can help you find the BBQs and accessories that will make you the biggest hit in town, whether you’re cooking for one or for twenty.

Our BBQs are high quality to make grilling an easy, fun task for you and the family. Enjoy backyard BBQs with friends or host great parties with deliciously juicy burgers or roasted vegetables. With each grill’s large amount of cooking space, you can sear fish and steaks, brown hamburger buns and roast corn on the cob in its husk, all at once.

Our premium grills have a variety of accessories, including side burners for cooking and warming, interior lights, push button knobs and rotisseries. These grills’ stainless steel parts make cleaning a breeze. Many parts have lifetime warranties; all grills are CSA certified for your safety.

Whether you’re investing in your first grill or looking for one to continue your mastery of bbq’d meals, Sunset Spas is here to help.