American Whirlpool 270

Specification Measurement
Dimensions 83” X 83” 211 cm x 211 cm
Depth 36” 91 cm
Capacity 6 – 7
Water Capacity 364 gallons
Weight (empty/full) 700/3904 318 kg/1,771 kg
Drink Holders 2
Pillows 4
Aurora Cascade Water Feature 4
Total Jets 46

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Molded Grab Bar Yes
Lounge Yes
Programmable Filter Cycles Yes
Hybrid Sub-Structure Yes
DuraMAAX™ Cabinetry Yes
Copper Lined BlueMAAX® Insulation Yes
Molden Bottom Pan Yes
Stainless Steel Jets Yes
Dynamic LED Lighting Yes
CleanZone™ System Yes
Bluetooth Music System Yes
WiFi Connectivity Yes
Aqua Klean Filtration Yes

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