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MAAX Spas PowerPool swim spas are a combination of swimming pools, hot tubs and home gyms. They are great for exercise and relaxation.
PowerPool Swim Spas Color OptionsPowerPool™ swim spas are made with high-impact acrylic thermoplastics. The material is able to handle the depth of the swim spa and can withstand the extreme conditions such as the heat and sun and continuous pounding from families and aqua-joggers. The vessel has 8 layers of composite to provide added strength. The surface is slightly textured with an elegant look.
PowerPool DuraMAAXDuraMAAX™ is a material that looks and feels like natural wood, minus the maintenance required. The material is impact resistant, protected from weather and insects and will never rot, splinter or crack. It provides a beautiful design to your swim spa while also locking in heat and providing superior energy conservation.
The PowerPool™ frame is fabricated from industrial grade galvanized steel and is dip-coated and painted to withstand extreme environments. The top rail of the frame is laminated into the shell structure which provides the structural strength needed for the depth of the PowerPool™. This feature is exclusive to PowerPool™.

Another unique feature to PowerPool™ is the galvanized steel ribs. The ribs form a continuous loop around the vessel and are welded to the top rail of the frame and laminated with composite fiberglass, which makes it the strongest design.

2016 MAAX Color Chart
Note – All swim spas have the acrylic color choice of Sahara and Silver Marble and cabinet color choice of Grey and Mocha.

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