Hot Tub Safety for Kids

Hot Tub Safety for Kids

Hot tubs can be a fun family activity. But like any activity involving children, it’s always a good idea to keep safety top of mind. Check out some of our best hot tub safety tips below:

Height: The Association of Pool and Spa Professionals (APSP) states children should only be allowed in a hot tub if they can stand at the bottom with their head above water. It’s also recommended that young children use the seats in a hot tub, so the water only goes up to their waste. Even if your child is technically tall enough to be in the hot tub, use your own discretion on whether you feel they are ready.

Age: The Center for Disease Control states that children under 5 should not use hot tubs, making this something to seriously consider before bringing a child younger than this age into a hot tub with you.

Temperature and Time: While each of these kid safety tips are highly important, this is probably one of the most important things to note. Children should only use the hot tub for 5 minutes at a time, with the temperature no greater than 104 degrees fahrenheit.  Alternatively, you can try turning the water temperature down to 98 degrees fahrenheit to allow for a possible soak of up to 15 minutes.This is to protect their skin and to prevent them from overheating. Water that is too warm can cause drowsiness, which could lead to a child accidentally submerging under water. Temperatures exceeding 104 degrees fahrenheit can also lead to heat stroke.

Hydrate: Make sure children in the hot tub are drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated while soaking. It’s also wise to ensure they are drinking water even after they leave the hot tub. Warm temperatures of the tub make you sweat and lose water. Children might not know to ask for water, or ask for enough. Adults should make sure to also drink plenty of water.

Hot Tubs for Kids

Covers: The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recommends always using a locked cover over your hot tub when children are in the home. It’s also highly recommended to use drain covers. Additionally, it’s a good idea to regularly inspect your hot tub for any cracks or damage. Need help with an inspection or need a cover? Contact Sunset Spas.

Sunscreen: If the hot tub is not located under a type of cover, make sure children are wearing sunscreen to protect their skin.

Maintenance: Hot tub owners should always have a good balance of chemicals in the tub. If there is a strong smell, purchase a disinfectant test strip or contact a local hot tub dealer for assistance.

Hot Tub Kids

Educate: Teach your children the rules of being in and around a hot tub. Steps and floors can become slippery when wet, so make sure to tell children not to run or push one another. And of course, no games that involve putting their head underwater.

Health: Both children and adults should rinse off before and after using a hot tub, to prevent the spread of infection and bacteria. Children should also not put their head under water to prevent an ear infection.

We hope these tips were helpful reminders of how to keep your kids safe in your hot tub. If you have more specific questions, we recommend talking to your child’s pediatrician. The best tip of all?  Be sure to have fun!

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