hot tubs help with back pain

How Hot Tubs Help with Back Pain

Hot tubs are a wonderful invention that millions of people enjoy. Whether it is for simply relaxing after a long, hard day of work, or even enjoying a glass of wine with some friends on the weekend, there are a number of reasons why so many people turn to hot tubs to soak their stress away. Interestingly, one of the best reasons that people opt to invest in a hot tub for their personal use is because hot tubs help with back pain — they use them to alleviate their joint and back pain! While many people know that hot tubs can help relieve such pain and discomfort, few people actually understand how and why the process itself actually works. We will delve into the world of hot tubs to better understand how exactly hot tubs can help those who suffer from joint and back pain!

Regardless of what the underlying source of the back pain is, such as sciatica, bulging or herniated discs, or any other number of back issues, healthcare providers typically prescribe various treatments to help the pain subside, such as medication, physical therapy, ultrasound and various additional treatments to help the patient when the pain sets in. Interestingly, the two most common treatments of which are recommended are heat and ice. However, if the pain is all over the body, trying to find relief with a heating pad alone can be a bit tricky. This is why so many people opt to take a hot bath (or hop in their hot tub!)

Hot baths have been used for centuries in countless cultures, including the ancient Japanese, Greek, and Russian traditions. Hot baths assist in reducing pain, encouraging blood circulation and flow and also help to relax your body. This is vitally important for those who suffer from back pain. Hot tubs are easily one of the very few things that can provide an overall sense of relief from all of the pain, stiffness and discomfort that is associated with back issues.

The relief that hot tubs can provide in terms of helping to heal your body and manage back pain is through a process that is commonly referred to as hydrotherapy. Heat helps to relieve pain by relaxing all of the surrounding muscles, which in turn helps to decrease muscle spasms, while also dilating the blood vessels, and amplifying the flow of blood to assist in helping to heal all of the injured tissue. To expand on that, when the blood vessels of your body begin to open via the heat of the water, you will note that your body begins to feel more loose in terms of the tension in your muscles as well as an overall sense of the improvement in the circulation in your body. Heat can also provide a sense of “feel good” relief that triggers your brain to send off feelings of comfort and relaxation throughout your body.

Hot tubs are useful in terms of providing your body with some much needed hydrotherapy by way of the fact that due to the buoyancy lifting the weight of your body, you will find tremendous relief from the pressure of your sore back muscles and joints, while helping to improve your ability to move much more freely.

While the buoyancy within the hot tub is highly beneficial, the massage that you receive from the jets of the hot tub can also increase the circulation in your body which also helps to bring a number of nutrients to your muscles as well. Massages can also aid in reducing your body’s production of the inflammation causing cytokines, while also assisting to stimulate the processes of the repair and function of your cells.

When you take the time to care for your body by way of utilizing the hydrotherapy methods that a hot tub can provide, you will find tremendous relief from your back pain. Hot tubs are one of the best and most easy ways to alleviate the pressure in your joints as well as reducing tension in the muscles of your body. If you are seeking a good way to heal your body and finally find some genuine relief, hot tubs are most certainly an investment worth making.